Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pictures: A Rose by Any Other Name

When people ask me what my name means, I go into a well-rehearsed jumble of an answer: in Turkish, if you split it into two parts (pronounced San oz) it means 'few of you,' or 'unique.' But in Farsi I think it's the name of some flower.

During my trip, I found out about that flower. Here is a picture of a miniature rose, also known as a sanaz. I took these pictures from my aunt's balcony in Tehran.


  1. Very pretty, Sanaz!

    Now that you're back in GA, it would be great to get together some time...

  2. the year is 1388 in Iran...
    i presume that's "A.M." as in after Mohammed?
    long may this independence live. we in the west are brainwashed by our own media. it could be the year 666 and we wouldn't even know it.